Gameplay Clips and Kids Artwork Reviewed by Windows Phone Central

I am very excited to see that the wonderful folks at Windows Phone Central took time to review my two latest Windows Phone apps, Gameplay Clips and Kids Artwork.  You can read it yourself here  Wow!  What a day.

I read an article by Felipe Laso Marsetti titled How to Market and Promote your Games and Apps and decided to follow some of his advice for the release of Gameplay Clips and Kids Artwork.  One of the biggest things I did for these releases was to create press kits for each of the apps.  The press kits make it easy for a reviewer to write about your app because of the information and screen shots they contain.  The second thing I did was to write a press release and have it released by PRWeb.  My press release is scheduled to go out tomorrow morning.  The third thing I did was to create a trailer for Kids Artwork which I blogged about earlier.

You can find out more about the apps at and